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Treasure Hunt

***The 2018 Treasure Hunt has ended***

Winners are announced on the Get Your GreenBack Facebook page, newsletter and contacted individually. Thanks for playing and check back in 2019!

Read on for an explanation of the 2018 Treasure Hunt.




Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to the 2018 Treasure Hunt on the Reuse Trail!

Complete the hunt and enter to win $50-$200 in prizes. No Purchase Necessary! 

Pick up yer Game Card in any participating store. Then--shiver me timbers--pick yer adventure to complete from October 15th - November 15th. Are ye content with a smatter o’ silver, or will ye go fer the gold? 

1. Dip Yer Toe

  • Drop yer anchor at three stores between October 15-November 15 and get yer Game Card stamped at each store.
  • Place yer stamped card in the treasure box at any of the 11 participating stores to be entered to win one of two $50 reuse store gift cards.

2. Walk the Plank

  • Travel the Reuse Trail to answer the 11 clues. The parrot in each store will let ye know yer close to the answer!
  • Avast! Ye must get stamps from at least 10 stores as ye find clues for the puzzle. Ye can work with friends to find the remaining answer, or follow Get Your GreenBack Tompkins on Facebook and request hints and answers throughout the month.
  • Place yer completed Card in a treasure box at any participating store. Completed cards will be entered to win three prizes--$200, $150, or $100 in gift cards at reuse stores! If ye forget yer name and contact information, ye will be left to dry, landlubbers!
  • Bonus Loot: Complete the bonus word scramble to be eligible for a custom crossword puzzle by pirate Adam Perl, local puzzlemaster and maker of crosswords for the New York Times--a $100 value! 
Note: A store can stamp both sides of the card, if you like. However, if you complete both games you will only be entered in the raffle for Walk the Plank.
Participating Stores 2018

Hoist yer sails, mateys, and get yer treasure!

Co-sponsored by Cornell Thrift, Downtown Ithaca Alliance, and Local First Ithaca--a finer crew no pirate has ever seen. The History Center helped come up with the Bonus Question. 

This program is coordinated and funded by Get Your GreenBack Tompkins, with support from the Park Foundation, and local stores on the Reuse Trail.


The prizes are pools of gift cards from different participating stores which will be assigned randomly. Blackbeard tolerates no meddling or pickiness. For "Dip Yer Toe" there are two prizes of $50 gift cards from participating stores.  For "Walk the Plank" there are three prizes, $200, $150, and $100 in gift gards from participating stores. The Bonus Prize is a custom made crossword puzzle made by local puzzlemaster, Adam Perl. 

The real prize, of course, is just learning about all the local treasure we have in our 40+ reuse stores!


We will draw the winning cards after the end of the Treasure Hunt and a place and time TBD (tentatively, Saturday, November 17th at 3:30pm at the Argos Inn, a veritable pirate’s palace). If the winners are present at the event, they can receive the gift cards right after their names are drawn. Otherwise, winners will be notified via email that they’ve won and the gift cards can be picked up at CCE Tompkins, 615 Willow Avenue, Ithaca, NY. All prizes must be collected by December 15th.

Rules for participation

One Game Card entry per person. No purchase necessary. Game Cards submitted without an email address or phone and full name will not be counted for the raffle. If winners are not present at the raffle, they will be notified via email or phone that they’ve won, and will have 30 days to pick up their gift cards from CCE-Tompkins at 615 Willow Avenue in Ithaca, NY. Winners of the Bonus Prize (custom crossword) will be put in contact with the pirate puzzlemaster Adam Perl to coordinate getting the crossword from him.